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In 1866, in the wake of our Civil War, the Ladies' Memorial Association in Georgia decided that they would designate a day to throw flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers. However, they didn't want it to be an isolated event, so they asked newspapers to share the idea.

People across the South followed their lead and rested flowers on the confederate graves, but some noticed interspersed union graves left empty, so they started placing flowers on these graves as well.

Their action was a ripple that got published everywhere and led to the creation of Memorial Day in 1868.

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One Little Dot   How can something this big be invisible?   The environment is everywhere and yet it isn't visible Maybe if we saw it, we would see it's not invincible And have to take responsibility as individuals   How can something this big be invisible?   If it's all around us, it should show itself on pure principle The scientists are certain that the damage is residual And climate change data's reaching levels that are critical Yet somehow that's political   We argue over math Our citizens are too cynical to believe in facts We make excuses and...

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What is called for now?   How often do we fail to ask ourselves this question and just keep spinning?   Is this a time for purposeful activity? Is this a time for repose? What happens when we act in alignment or opposition to our intuition?   Since my last bad day, a cornerstone has been listening to what my mind, body, and heart are whispering before they turn up the volume.   Our hamster wheels are loud.   When we're on them all the time, we miss the whispers. We miss the invitation to hop off and breathe.  ...

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I don't think we ever feel truly ready - unless we're talking about our next meal. But I don't know if we get there for the big things in life. So, maybe readiness isn't a feeling but rather a choice.

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What would it be like to minimize your stress?
What would it be like to take a moment to refill your cup?

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