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I love the big moments we celebrate, like graduations, new jobs, and athletic accomplishments, to name a few. These are our social feed moments, and when I was younger, I thought these would lead to happiness.

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When you step back, like all the way back beyond the cheap seats, and think about the universe, how lucky are we?!? 

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As we close out July 4th, we must give the Second Continental Congress its flowers for writing one of the best Dear John letters, or should I say, Dear George? Today's Congress probably would have ghosted the king, but that's no way to end a relationship - of course, fighting for eight years isn't great either. The Declaration of Independence isn't perfect, but every project has a moment when it's time to put "pencils or quill pens down." I'm sure Franklin or that pesky Hamilton - who never signed it - had some edits for TJ, but sooner or later,...

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What does joy sound like? Where do you feel in your body?

One way I hear joy is through splashing. Specifically, when our neighborhood birds fly down to bathe in our birdbath - it's nature in our action.

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