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As Michael rode through this beautiful country, he visited vibrant communities and spoke with people filled with faith and optimism. He could also sense the country's pain. When he arrived at the Lincoln Memorial, he was in love with this country - not just the coasts, not only during the Olympics, and not just the agreeable areas. All of it - its people, beauty, and muddy parts.

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How do you wish to be at 85?
My hunch is that you wish to be independent and healthy, right? I'm sure you don't want to be in a nursing home. So if independence is your goal, how do you need to be at 85? Or another way of looking at this is, what causes 85-year-olds to lose their independence?

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How do I...
find happiness?
get promoted?
get rid of hiccups?
reduced my stress?


Our interest in discovering how to get things done goes back to the early blogging days of Buddha and his spiritual compatriots. From the Four Noble Truths to the Ten Commandments, they shared how to live an enlightened life, and today's how-to resources flood social feeds and best-seller lists.

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What would it be like to minimize your stress?
What would it be like to take a moment to refill your cup?

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When did you start reading the obituaries?

Stay with me; this week's blog isn't about dying; it's about living.

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