A moment to pause

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A moment to pause

With a quick Spotify query, you can find countless songs about freedom. From George Michael to the quirky Devo and their song "Freedom of Choice"—you might know it, but have you really listened to the lyrics? 

The hook references a Roman poem about a dog who finds two bones. It's so sad, and as a dog lover, I need to say that we should not be dancing to this. Plus, the parable isn't correct, and the true story is more about greed than choice. It's all wrong. 

Okay, phew! Thanks for indulging me; I've been holding that in since 1980—I feel so much lighter now. 

Alright, with that out of the way, let's talk about freedom. 

I'm excited to share that Pause Breathe Reflect, in the spirit of 'Karma Yoga,' is introducing 'Pay What You Can' pricing for our swag and spectacular app. 

That's right, you're in control...Well, sort of because we can't really control the Universe, but you can name your price, and that's awesome. 

Mindfulness is being niched today as something just for our mental well-being, but it's more than that; it's a way of living. As we head into 2024, which will probably be a humdinger of a year, I want to ensure you have every opportunity to experience the freedom of mindful living.

Here are three ways you get to choose: 

Pay What You Can App Membership: Tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest, new Pause Breathe Reflect members can name their first year's price and join for as little as $1. Yep, that's right. Hey, the economy may be prime for Jeff Bezos' yachts, but this isn't the case for all of us. 

Everyone belongs here regardless of who you love, pray to, where you live, come from, vote for, or your economic status. So, if you still need to join us, I hope you'll decide to do so this week. 

Mindful Swag:  You can also name your price for our Pause Breathe Reflect Swag, which is much more than just a t-shirt or sweatshirt—it's a reminder that you have the power to create space, and in this space, as Viktor Frankl wrote, you can find your freedom. Plus, it's a gift that ripples goodness, builds connection, and creates the most "I like the way you think" head nods - this just happened to me at the market about an hour ago, which led to a beautiful convo about loving-kindness. 

I've created four promo codes; you can decide which one to use. 

Promo Codes

    • Use code 98 to take 98% off your entire order.
    • Use code 50 to take 50% off your entire order.
    • Use code 25 to take 25% off your entire order.

Gift The PBR App: Finally, you can gift our Pause Breathe Reflect app to anyone you want and send a ripple of belonging and love worldwide. Promo codes are valid for the app as well. 

Here are the essential links:

What do you think? 

It's nice to have choices, right? 

It's even better to live mindfully.