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I love the big moments we celebrate, like graduations, new jobs, and athletic accomplishments, to name a few. These are our social feed moments, and when I was younger, I thought these would lead to happiness.

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In many cases, the difference between driving the speed limit and the school zone limit or giving a pedestrian a chance to cross the street is one perfect breath - inhale for a count of five, exhale for a count of five. 

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On family road trips, we would play the alphabet game, roadside cribbage, the license plate game, twenty questions, and connect-the-dots. We were an analog family because analog was the only option. 

Today, I was speaking at the Positivity Summit, and before I walked on stage, it occurred to me that I was playing connect-the-dots. 

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When you fill every moment, there's no space, growth, or freedom - only triggers and reactions. But a different path allows you to be present for your everyday moments, live an examined life, and improve the relationship that changes all your relationships and unlocks a secret to happiness. 

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Consistent with yin and yang, light and darkness, and earth and space, feeding both wolves invites harmony and what Buddhists call the middle way. 

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