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I'm excited to share that Pause Breathe Reflect, in the spirit of 'Karma Yoga,' is introducing 'Pay What You Can' pricing for our swag and spectacular app. That's right, you're in control...Well, sort of because we can't really control the Universe, but you can name your price, and that's awesome. 

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We are a board game and puzzle family - especially around the holidays. While grabbing Ticket to Ride, Michael walked down memory with Chutes and Ladders, a game he played with his girls when they were younger. 

Everyone wanted to land on #28. When you do, it's a dopamine fast-pass to #84 and you're a few spins away from winning. 

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Studies show that meditation can help solve some of the predominately male "rocks in the backpack" problems like throwing back one too many, heart disease, maladaptive stress management, and frayed relationships.

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"Mindfulness is medicine," and a database of clinical studies validates that it is, but one area of study is missing - how long do I need to do it for? 

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