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Here are some things I'm reflecting on as I hit pause, take a breath, shower '22 with gratitude and gracefully pedal into 2023.

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We are a board game and puzzle family - especially around the holidays. While grabbing Ticket to Ride, Michael walked down memory with Chutes and Ladders, a game he played with his girls when they were younger. 

Everyone wanted to land on #28. When you do, it's a dopamine fast-pass to #84 and you're a few spins away from winning. 

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"Mindfulness is medicine," and a database of clinical studies validates that it is, but one area of study is missing - how long do I need to do it for? 

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Doesn't this look delicious?
It was my lunch today after a frigid and wet day on the bike. It was called The Grilled Greenhouse, which included a combo of veggies and Swiss on homemade sunflower bread. It was sooo good.

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Nearly 21 years ago, I was several weeks into my "healing journey" when my medical team came into my hospital room to do rounds. When they left, I said, "They're like my medical peloton helping me get down the road."

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