The Pause Breathe Reflect Story

"Ok, Michael. If you want to heal your body, you need to heal your mind."

As I was recovering from a near-death cycling accident that I call My Last Bad Day, this was the conversation I had with myself. The conversation led to a life-changing a-ha moment. The next day, I slipped out of my hospital bed and into my wheelchair to find a quiet place in the hospital to connect with my breath, set my intentions, and just BE. My mindfulness practice and our Pause Breathe Reflect™ (Slow is Fast) Movement were born. 

I once thought that mindfulness was woo-woo or hippy-dippy. I now know from personal experience that mindfulness helps expand our awareness, sharpen our focus, and approach our moments with a sense of calm or peace. It can help us manage stress and build resilience. Importantly, it prevents a bad moment from becoming a bad day, or worse, lingering indefinitely. Even as mindfulness helped shift my perspective in almost every aspect of life, I kept the practice to myself during my recovery and re-entry into corporate life. As a leadership coach, I would share Pause Breathe Reflect™ with my clients and reference it in blog posts, but still, I kept it close to the vest.

... Then 2020 happened. 

I realized what I had kept to myself was very much needed out in our world. Embracing Pause Breathe Reflect™ could help others get through the pandemic. I knew it was the right time to share it and create our movement. 

I embarked on my Thank You-19 Charity Ride on July 11, 2020. That day I rode my bicycle in my home for 19 hours for 19 charities helping us get through COVID-19. With the help of my oldest daughter, we designed and launched the first Pause Breathe Reflect™ T-shirt. The rest of the story, well, it's history in the making. 

In the way that the Life is Good® brand promotes optimism, we see Pause Breathe Reflect™ as the symbol of mindfulness. It's a reminder to come back to your breath during your "bad" moments and an invitation to others to do the same when they see you wearing it. It's more than clothes; it's a way of living. That is, to live in the moment. 

To BE here, now. 

Today, we have expanded beyond our basic black T-shirts. Through our partnership with AllMade™, Legacy™, and Royal Apparel™, we have a variety of styles, colors, sweatshirts, ball caps, and even coffee mugs.

Because Man’s Best Friend plays a primary role in our lives, we have something for your fur babies as well! We've partnered with Cycle Dog® to create, like our apparel, environmentally friendly Paws Breathe Reflect™ dog collars and leashes. 

We love Mother Earth, strive to support American jobs, and create communities of belonging. We sponsor Team Ostroy, the most prominent female/trans/femme cycling team in NYC, and LA Sweats based in California.

Thank you for joining our movement and helping us ripple something worth rippling: mindfulness, love, and belonging.

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