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Consistent with yin and yang, light and darkness, and earth and space, feeding both wolves invites harmony and what Buddhists call the middle way. 

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Going back a few years, a woman arrived at a wide river and needed to find a way to the other side to continue her journey. 

No ferry, bridge, or path could take her there, so she built a raft with the grass, twigs, sticks, and mud around her. Supported by the raft and paddling with her feet and hands, she reached the other side safely. 

As one could imagine, she was grateful for her raft and wondered, since it had been so essential, if she should take it with her. 

What would you do? 

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Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness; it's saying you're not quitting. It's an invitation to connect and travel farther together.

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As Michael rode through this beautiful country, he visited vibrant communities and spoke with people filled with faith and optimism. He could also sense the country's pain. When he arrived at the Lincoln Memorial, he was in love with this country - not just the coasts, not only during the Olympics, and not just the agreeable areas. All of it - its people, beauty, and muddy parts.

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Here are some things I'm reflecting on as I hit pause, take a breath, shower '22 with gratitude and gracefully pedal into 2023.

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