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Through his free, daily inspirational texts,  Michael asked folks to share, what bit of wisdom would they like to share with others? Read some of the responses.  The responses give Michael faith in humanity. 

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We are a board game and puzzle family - especially around the holidays. While grabbing Ticket to Ride, Michael walked down memory with Chutes and Ladders, a game he played with his girls when they were younger. 

Everyone wanted to land on #28. When you do, it's a dopamine fast-pass to #84 and you're a few spins away from winning. 

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Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. 
On our anniversary, I like to share how we met because back in the day (aka before the internet), we met in a non-traditional way...a personal ad.

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I don't think we ever feel truly ready - unless we're talking about our next meal. But I don't know if we get there for the big things in life. So, maybe readiness isn't a feeling but rather a choice.

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We are now halfway between lion and lamb, and it's easy to see what's wrong in the world, but through mindfulness and a Pause Breathe Reflect moment, we can create space for what's right, as well.

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