A Moment of Reflection

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A Moment of Reflection

Here are some things I'm reflecting on as I hit pause, take a breath, shower '22 with gratitude and gracefully pedal into 2023.

5 Points of Reflection from 2022:

  • The morning of June 30th as I pedaled toward The Grand Tetons while the sun gently gave them a good morning kiss. 
  • After pouring the shake into the serving cup, the extra milkshake in those old-school metal mixing containers. 
  • How my wife and daughters have made me a better human. 
  • My game-changing total knee replacement.   
  • All those moments when I wondered what the heck I was doing. 

5 Things to Reconsider:

  • What's my relationship with social media? 
  • Can I handle the guilt of not recycling plastic even when I know it doesn't work? 
  • How effectively am I managing my time? 
  • Why I'm holding on to parts of me that I've outgrown?
  • Where can I ease my grip?

5 Things to Remember:

  • We've survived 100% of our bad moments.
  • Keep giving until giving feels like receiving. 
  • Listen to your body and intuition, open your heart, and be aware of what is percolating in your noggin. 
  • It's in the space between where the magic happens.
  • Play the long game.

What are you reflecting on as you wind down 2022?

Please Let me know. 

If you've been here for one mile or since the beginning of the year, thank you! It's been one heckuva a year, and I'm grateful we have shared it. Together we've gone far!

I don't know what 2023 will bring. As the Danes say, "It's hard to make predictions - especially about the future." But I'm sure we will feel all the feels as we continue to ripple something worth rippling. 

I'm away until we flip into the new year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, and New Year if you celebrate any of these. 

Ciao and have fun storming the castle!

P.S., Don't forget to download the Pause Breathe Reflect app. It will be the best present you give yourself.