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What is called for now?   How often do we fail to ask ourselves this question and just keep spinning?   Is this a time for purposeful activity? Is this a time for repose? What happens when we act in alignment or opposition to our intuition?   Since my last bad day, a cornerstone has been listening to what my mind, body, and heart are whispering before they turn up the volume.   Our hamster wheels are loud.   When we're on them all the time, we miss the whispers. We miss the invitation to hop off and breathe.  ...

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The first in-person motivational speaker I saw was Captain Charlie Plumb. I've forgotten many of the details of his story of being shot down during a mission, but not his question, Who packed your parachute?   As I've reflected on his story over the years, I've wondered who stitched his parachute. After all, a well-packed parachute with weak stitching may not work well enough.   Mindfulness meditation is like slowly stitching a parachute for your life.   Living mindfully is challenging because there's no immediate or noticeable reward - it's the ultimate long game play in a quick-fix world. The...

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