what's more important?/wisdom or knowledge

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what's more important?/wisdom or knowledge

72% of executives on LinkedIn agree that soft skills are more critical to their organizations than AI skills. Given all the excitement surrounding our latest technological advancements, I had to read this statistic several times. My sympathies lie with employees working under executives in the remaining 28%.

Here's the thing: soft skills have always been paramount, yet they are the most challenging to master. Frankly, we're not so hot at developing them. 

The rush of new AI technologies can feel daunting due to the rapid pace of change. In the last eight years, the skills required for the average worker have changed by 25%, and in the next six, this figure is expected to jump to 65%. Whoa-Nelly!!

Mindfulness is THE foundational soft skill, yet it's overlooked in corporate training. Offering someone access to an app might seem impressive on a slide, but teaching mindful meditation goes beyond superficial solutions. It's akin to handing someone a fishing rod in a desert and expecting them to fish.

If you're interested in learning how we assist companies in becoming more thoughtful, focused, productive, and adaptive through Pause Breathe Reflect, please reach out.

Additionally, I'd like to share this week's Open Awareness segment from The Kintsugi Podcast. This episode takes us through my journey across America, featuring a stop in Wisdom, MT, en route to Virginia City and eventually Washington, D.C.

I recount the wisest decision I made in Wisdom, a narrowly avoided mishap, and ponder whether our fear of not living outweighs the fear of dying. To lead a rich life, it's one of the most important questions to reflect on. You can listen here or wherever you listen to your pods.