Weekend Musings

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Weekend Musings

Michael's oldest turned 25. Parenting is a mirror that talks back to you. It's helped him become a better human to other humans. 

Does anonymous feedback ever change anything? 

We are grateful for the response to our Pause Breathe Reflect Stress-Less app. It's validating to hear how it's helping folks slow down and stress less as soon as they open it. 
We don't think anyone could guess Michael's #1 Wrapped Spotify artist.
Michael remembers watching Pelè play against the Rochester Lancers in Hollander Stadium and thought we were on the cusp of a soccer boom. That was over forty years ago, and yesterday we lost to a country of 17 million people who are better known as speed skaters and cyclists. When does Ted Lasso season 3 start? 

The best morning practice only works if you work it into your day. 

Michael is a latecomer to Audible and love Bono's Surrender - 40 Songs. One Story. 

Why are some looking so badly for an excuse not to practice mindfulness?

Through his free, daily inspirational texts,  Michael asked folks to share, what bit of wisdom would they like to share with others?
Here are some of the responses: 


  • Remember the gifts God gifted with You (Marica C)
  • Practice the pause (Lisa M)
  • This too shall pass (Linda W)
  • You're enough (Chrissy H)
  • You are loved (Kathleen R)
  • Difficult doesn't mean impossible (Shawna W)
  • It's not selfish to take time for yourself (Traci P)
  • Love More (Rebecca W)
  • Fear can fuel or buy you. It's your choice (Jill)
  • Always trust that things are working out for you (Cherry S)
  • Always choose Love (Sharon B)
  • Love and accept yourself completely (Iris K)
  • Speak up (Renee H)
  • Be still sometimes (Kongit G)
  • Don't pee where you eat (Lisa)
  • Forgiveness is a choice (Becky L)
  • When you are in clouds and cannot see the sun, practice gratitude. It reminds us the sun is still shining, even when we cannot see it. (Billie)
  • When you're in a disagreement, rather than focusing on the 90% of why someone is wrong, try to see the 10% of truth in their perspective. (Stephanie)
  • Stay Strong (Jane)
  • Always be kind (Sheneka)
  • You get what you give (Chris)
  • You are whole, now (Faith)
  • Be Grateful (Margaret)
  • There's nothing more powerful than the light that you are! (Sandra)
  • Rest is rust (Gail)
  • And my Dad passed on this one; Just have a good day!!!
These responses give Michael faith in humanity. Small ripples lead to big waves. What wisdom would you like to share? 
Oh, don't forget to download your Pause Breathe Reflect App. Give yourself a minute to slow down. You've earned it.