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"We only have moments to live." It's so true. Our lives are a collection of moments to be appreciated because the beautiful experience in them will never be the same. And that's more than okay because new people, experiences, and beauty will arrive in the next moment, but if we rush around like a hamster on its wheel, it's hard to see because our view never changes. 

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Michael has always wondered why we've held tech companies in such high esteem regarding leadership and culture. So when the company that brought us "psychological safety" laid off 12,000 employees by email, he was sad but not surprised.
It's funny how true character always reveals itself during stressful times. 

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Going back a few years, a woman arrived at a wide river and needed to find a way to the other side to continue her journey. 

No ferry, bridge, or path could take her there, so she built a raft with the grass, twigs, sticks, and mud around her. Supported by the raft and paddling with her feet and hands, she reached the other side safely. 

As one could imagine, she was grateful for her raft and wondered, since it had been so essential, if she should take it with her. 

What would you do? 

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During the pandemic, Michael longed for live music. He loves going to shows, and he has been lucky to see some tremendous artists like The Ramones at Hammerjacks, Whitney Houston at Wolf Trap, The Bodeans at a Wisconsin Country Fair, Bruce at The Link, and countless performances at the 9:30 Club in D.C, but one of the best was Erasure's ABBA-esque tour at George Mason University. He has even seen Taylor, but not this year since getting tickets was a bit of a kerfuffle. 

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What moments are memorable when you look back?

We live and work in uncertain times but still get to decide how we show up. We can scroll them away and continue should-ing on ourselves or choose to focus on the moments that matter, embrace life, and let go of the stupid shit. 

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