school is open

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school is open

Schools nationwide are now open in the United States, and it is an ideal moment to remember to slow down in school zones, observe pedestrian crosswalks, and pay more attention while driving. 

It's easy to get lax during the summer and fall into new driving patterns - it's natural - no judgment here. But now, we can shift our attention and be more mindful when behind the wheel. 

In many cases, the difference between driving the speed limit and the school zone limit or giving a pedestrian a chance to cross the street is one perfect breath - inhale for a count of five, exhale for a count of five. 

We could use a moment to breathe, and by doing so, we decrease the likelihood that we might take someone's breath away. 

There are many meditations on the app for parents, teachers, and students. You can listen to this one I made for teachers as they start the school year.