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This moment doesn't happen every day, but it's a moment I think of every day. Watching my wife give birth to our daughters is the most awe-inspiring thing I've witnessed. 

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Unlike graffiti, which Michael appreciates, sidewalk chalk is fleeting, like every moment. It's here for a moment until it fades away by the wind or rain, and it's easy to miss when our vision narrows.

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Michael has always wondered why we've held tech companies in such high esteem regarding leadership and culture. So when the company that brought us "psychological safety" laid off 12,000 employees by email, he was sad but not surprised.
It's funny how true character always reveals itself during stressful times. 

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Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness; it's saying you're not quitting. It's an invitation to connect and travel farther together.

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In 1866, in the wake of our Civil War, the Ladies' Memorial Association in Georgia decided that they would designate a day to throw flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers. However, they didn't want it to be an isolated event, so they asked newspapers to share the idea.

People across the South followed their lead and rested flowers on the confederate graves, but some noticed interspersed union graves left empty, so they started placing flowers on these graves as well.

Their action was a ripple that got published everywhere and led to the creation of Memorial Day in 1868.

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