Mindful Everyday Moment: #81 the miracle of birth

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Mindful Everyday Moment: #81 the miracle of birth

These moments don't happen every day, but remember them daily. 

Watching my wife give birth to our daughters was the most awe-inspiring thing I've witnessed.

When you stop and think about it, the body is mind-blowing. Our heart beats without direction, and there's no need to remind the lungs to expand and release. The kaleidoscope of emotions watching someone give birth is beyond words. The body just knows what to do, and we frequently ignore its wonder.

I also hope I always remember holding my daughters for the first time. It's incredible how many feelings can fit into a moment. I knew nothing about mindfulness back then, but I'm happy I was paying attention - the years go by too quickly. With the universe's grace, I hope I never suffer from dementia and forget these moments.


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