Mindful Everyday Moment: #77 when the neighborhood goes to the birds

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Mindful Everyday Moment: #77 when the neighborhood goes to the birds

What does joy sound like? Where do you feel in your body?

One way I hear joy is through splashing. Specifically, when our neighborhood birds fly down to bathe in our birdbath - it's nature in action.

From the Amazon Kingfisher to the Zebra Finch, birds are something extraordinary and represent many elements of mindfulness, like the Dove (love), Owl (wisdom), and Raven (darkness). Of course, the Duck is a mascot of Pause Breathe Reflect. Growing up, I even had a pet store parakeet. His name was Buddy - he represented the ephemeral quality of life - if you know what I mean. 

They can help us feel the sky's the limit as they soar above. We can be enchanted by their morning singing and mesmerized by their beautiful feathers. Some cultures see them as heavenly messengers.

But to truly appreciate most of them, NYC pigeons aside, it's essential to be still, quiet, and patient to notice them. In essence, it is about paying attention on purpose to our everyday moments.

Last year, we had a wonderful family reunion down in South Carolina with my wife's side of the family - they are intense bird watchers, and it was amazing to witness their enthusiasm and soak in their knowledge.

Our neighborhood birds are "wicked smart," as the ruby-throated hummingbird in Boston would say. They know precisely when we refresh the bath, and in minutes all you hear is joy and feel it in your heart - at least, that's where I feel joy.

How about you? 

Here's a one-minute listen to help you connect with nature



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