healed people heal people/fitting out with Kirra Michel

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healed people heal people/fitting out with Kirra Michel

One of my practices that has become a wellness cornerstone is yoga. I thought it was a perfect balm to my years as a corporate desk jockey in addition to the miles pedaled hunch over the handlebars and, of course, the accident trauma that my body was still holding on to. 

For years, I never thought I could do it because I couldn't get into the poses like the svelte, Gumby-like women on Instagram. But I finally found someone who helped me realize that yoga is for everyone. 

Her name is Kirra Michel, and she's this week's Kintsugi Podcast's story of connection. She teaches at One Peloton and has a fascinating story about how she came to NYC from Australia and became a teacher on one of the largest fitness platforms. Her story is raw, authentic, and relatable, and I hope you'll listen via this link or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

One of the best ways to practice mindfulness is through mindful movement or yoga. It can help strengthen your relationship with your body. As I like to say, your body will whisper to you before it yells at you, but to hear its whispers, it's essential to be quiet. 

I can't get into most positions gracefully, but I try. My balance is better (a key to living a long, independent life), and it was the game-changer as I prepped for my total knee replacement. It helps me align my mind, body, and breath so I can live a mindful life. 

Speaking of living a mindful life, I'm hosting our next online silent retreat on April 6th from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern. 

I know what you might think: "I can't be silent for 6 1/2 hours." I hear you, but how do you know if you've never tried? 

It might be one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul, and I hope you'll join us because you can do hard things.