Online Silent Meditation Retreat

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At Pause Breathe Reflect, we believe in the power of transformation through small, consistent steps. We invite you to join us for a half-day online silent meditation retreat, the first in our 2024 series. This series will gradually extend to longer online retreats, with the potential for an in-person, multiple-day retreat.

Meditation can be a lifesaver in the chaos of daily life. If you're already exploring the benefits of mindfulness meditation, this retreat is an excellent complement to your practice.

When: October 5th, 2024 from 9 am to 4 pm Eastern via Zoom

What to Expect: We'll gather at 9 am Eastern to begin our practice and collectively embrace silence. The retreat will include alternating sessions of sitting and walking meditations, mindful movement, and a shared mindful meal. We'll conclude with a session to connect and reflect on our experiences.

Thoughtful Break: During the retreat, we'll disconnect from reading, talking, writing, scrolling, and watching, embracing a rare opportunity for silence in our noisy world.

How to Prepare: For those new to silent meditation retreats, we'll provide a preparatory Zoom session offering guidance and advice.

Who Should Come: Whether you've been meditating for weeks or years, our space is welcoming to all. We recommend participating in one of our Pause Breathe Reflect meditations via our app (available on the App Store and Google Play) before the retreat. Note: This retreat may not be suitable for individuals who have never practiced meditation or for whom meditation may not support their physical or mental health.

Cancellation Policy: Registering secures your place in our circle. Cancellations up to a week in advance receive a full refund. No refunds are given after that, except in cases of illness.

Pay What You Can: Our sliding scale allows payment flexibility. Please reach out via email for special circumstances.

For any questions or to determine if this retreat is right for you, please contact us at We're here to support you.