what Michael discovered from Rich Roll in Tuscany

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what Michael discovered from Rich Roll in Tuscany

In late April Michael traveled to Tuscany for Rich Roll and Julie Piatt's Plant Power Way Retreat, looking for guidance. He wasn't alone; they were all looking for something and connected by a simple red thread common to classic stories: the death and rebirth of identity. 

Michael started listening to Rich's podcast eight years ago and had his retreat on his watch list in 2018. He hesitated to sign up, and then the pandemic hit. When he heard they were hosting it for one last time, he didn't wait - the timing was perfetto.

As he has shared, our pandemic trauma, his Mom's passing, cycling across the country, and taking on the herculean effort to launch his app chipped away at him. He was literally and figuratively limping into 2023, but he knew that being around like-hearted, not like-minded, people is nurturing, so he set a goal to be with people this year. 

His experience was life-changing, and as he flew home, he tried to understand why. Yes, his accommodations were beautiful, and the food was out of this world, but he had been lucky to travel to some beautiful White Lotus-like destinations and taste exceptional vegan food throughout his life. 

Then he thought, maybe it was the spiritual yoga practices, holotropic breathwork, or his sunrise gravel bike rides, but he does these things at home. 

But somewhere over the Atlantic, he realized he didn't know, and then he got worried. The trip wasn't cheap, and it was a long way to go, not to come back with clarity. 

So he took a nap, and when he woke up, it hit him.

On two of the nights, they had massive bonfires. The Tuscan night sky began to sparkle as the fire warmed the cool air. They all looked up and, without saying a word, realized that none of them had it all figured out. The universe has a way of demanding our humility,  and there's something extraordinary about sitting    with others who feel the same way. 

He doesn't know the future, but he is more optimistic about it after spending time with these like-hearted humans looking to ripple something worth rippling into the world. Today, he has more questions than answers, but he knows myself better and found an excellent 'peloton' to ride with. 

We might not know where we're going, but we trust it will make a fantastic story. 

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