Road Signs and The Election of A Lifetime

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Road Signs and The Election of A Lifetime

As I was cycling across America, some of my favorite things to notice were message signs from businesses, places of worship, and random ones like: 

 - Drive like your chickens live here.

 - Honk if you love Jesus. Text and drive if you want to meet him. 

 - You're only one bike ride away from a good mood.


There is

Good in 

The World

 - We love God, Guns, Freedom, and Our Neighbors. 



I saw this one riding through Riggins, ID, on the   Salmon River. The sign is part of this week's Kintsugi Podcast and another Open Awareness episode where   I share stories from our cross-country adventure   across our beautiful country. 

 I also share a sad story about an angry bird, my   thoughts on the upcoming election, and how we can   form a more perfect union, Kintsugi style, by hearing,   seeing, and loving each other more. 


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