Mindful Everyday Moments: #79 waking to a full gas tank

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Mindful Everyday Moments: #79 waking to a full gas tank

#79 - waking to a full gas tank

Ever since I ran out of gas years ago, I have a thing about checking my fuel gauge. 

What can I say? I have something for energy, so when Connie K from our community shared this Mindful Moment, it was ripple worthy as an intentional act of kindness moment. 

Before a long drive to a business meeting, Connie noticed someone thoughtfully filling her gas tank. How cool is that?!? So sweet, right??? It's amazing what we can see when we pay attention. 

I don't believe acts of kindness are random. Yes, they can feel that way when we receive kindness out of the blue, but they're intentional by the person creating the ripple. When they come our way, it's validation that we're seen by karma - at least that's my story, and I plan to stick with it. 

One of the things I miss about our ez-pass world on the toll roads is the inability to pay the toll for the car behind you. That was always fun to do and very cool to receive - especially if someone was picking up the tab into NYC.

Do you have a favorite transportation act of kindness? Let me know. 

By the way, this midnight fill-up is an actual service in Abu Dhabi. I wonder how they feel about EVs over there? 



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