Mindful Everyday Moment: #73 The Perfect S'more

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Mindful Everyday Moment: #73 The Perfect S'more

In high school, my oldest had a summer live-in program in Nice, France, and she wanted to bring some classic Americana to give to the family.

So we went back and forth and what to provide. The French have chausson aux pommes and gateau au chocolat, but they don't have s'mores.

What's more classic than graham crackers, Hersey, and the perfect toasted marshmallow?

In the spirit of paying attention to your everyday moments, if you don't while roasting, you might miss that perfect golden color with just the right type of softness inside and firmness outside. - unless you like your marshmallows burnt, of course. Then that's perfect for you.

Either way, nothing says summer cookouts and campfires like a s'more. We might not eat them every day, but when we do, they taste better when we pay attention.

Oh, the French family thought the whole thing was a bit odd, and so America - and yes, I believe they wrinkled their noses at the very suggestion that it was tasty.

Let me know how you like your marshmallows toasted. 



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