Mindful Everyday Moment: #71 When Someone Says Bless You After You Sneeze

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Mindful Everyday Moment: #71 When Someone Says Bless You After You Sneeze

The 1992 movie Singles is a classic GenX, Seattle-vibe film with clever storylines and timeless quotes. It's like the show Friends, but with a Nirvana grunge factor if you have yet to see it.

One of our favorite parts of the movie is the evolution of Bridget Fonda's character as she pursues her Mr. Right. Throughout her life, she's compiled a lengthy list of essential things for her perfect guy. She also realizes the dude, and he's a total dude, she's currently with doesn't meet any of her criteria, but she loves him fully, but it gets her thinking. 

She eventually decides that one single, solitary thing needs to be on there. He has to say bless you or at least gesundheit when she sneezes. Unfortunately, he fails his first test and they break up, but by the movie's end, he nails a gesundheit and they fall back in love.

In our house, we say, "You are sooo good lookin'" which is a Seinfeld reference. In any case, it feels good to be seen and heard when you sneeze. It is an easy way to connect with someone - even a stranger, but if you're not paying attention, you might get dumped. 

How about you? What do you say after hearing someone sneeze?



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