marriage brings us together today...

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marriage brings us together today...

The glass is either half empty
or half filled up
I'm just grateful
that I have a cup. 

- IN-Q @inglife

They say you can't have too many cups. But we do. Well, at least, Michael thinks so. All he needs is one. 
Michael likes seeing others enjoying their cups. 
But sometimes, they crack or break- but we can put them back together. Then, they become more beautiful, like kintsugi. 
Michael gets overwhelmed when he tries to pour too much into his cup. Sometimes he compares his cup to yours or wonders what you think of his cup.
Then he realizes his cup is the perfect one for him. 
When compared to the universe of cups, Michael has a small one. We all do, but everyone's cup matters.  Why are we so quick to judge other cups?
It just leads to more cups breaking. 
Michael likes to sit and slowly sip from his cup. It tastes better when he does.
It's a chance to appreciate what's in his cup and be thoughtful about who he let fill it up.

Today Michael celebrates his 29th wedding anniversary. They've drank from red solo cups to fine crystal, but what matters most is what is poured inside. They've given each other space to fill up our own cups and are right there with a pitcher of goodness when they get close to empty. 

Michael offers leadership, culture, and mindfulness suggestions and avoids relationship advice, but a key to his relationship is that they've celebrated how their cups have changed over time. They started their lives together with cups from their mid-twenties. Today, their cabinet is full, different, and as beautiful, perhaps more so. 

Whether it's a marriage, friendship, or a relationship at work, we often want people to stay the same or change how we want them to.

We make it about us, not the other person. But it doesn't work that way, or at least, it doesn't work well.

People change when they want to change. 

And when they do, we can offer to fill up their new cup. But, suppose they don't select the one we wish.

In that case, we can shift our attention inward and investigate our experience—getting curious about what is happening inside us.

Ultimately, self-awareness creates an openness that allows us to select a new cup and helps to nurture more than half-full relationships. 

True love brought them together. It was a miracle, and they think it will work for the next 29 years. Today we raise our cups to the universe.