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make work work better/Ship It!

During my corporate days, I was unfamiliar with this week's guest on The Kintsugi Podcast. However, a coaching colleague recommended I explore his work.

Discovering he grew up in Western New York—always a plus in my book—caught my attention. Moreover, he has authored numerous New York Times bestsellers. But that didn't impress me much (feel free to cue up Shania Twain).

Yet, my skepticism turned to admiration when I first encountered Seth Godin's discussion on overcoming resistance to create meaningful change. His mantra, "Ship It! and keep making it better," has profoundly influenced my approach to life. 

Despite feeling somewhat daunted by the prospect, I invited him to the podcast. Embracing his philosophy, I remembered how Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 pm—not because the crew feels fully prepared, but simply because it's 11:30.

Our conversation was wide-ranging, during which Seth shared insights he'd never disclosed before. Please listen and share your thoughts. If you feel moved to leave a kind review and subscribe, I'd be more than grateful.

The launch of our Pause Breathe Reflect Meditation and Gratitude app in November 2022 embodies his "Ship It!" ethos. Admittedly, it was perfectly imperfect at launch, but readiness is often a moving target. 

Nonetheless, it was time for "pencils down" and our launch. We took some time, but not enough, to soak in all the positive reviews and worked on improving it, which it is today. 

Our next update will make it even better, making it even easier to bring mindfulness to your everyday moments and create the life you desire. 

Now is the perfect opportunity if you still need to download our app. Available on both Apple's App Store and Google Play, we offer a pay-what-you-can model for the first year. It's an investment in yourself that promises to enrich your focus, reduce reactivity, and make life more engaging.

Consider it a gift to yourself that will benefit others. It will help create the change you wish to make in the world.