How To....

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How To....

How do I...
find happiness?
get promoted?
get rid of hiccups?
reduced my stress?


Our interest in discovering how to get things done goes back to the early blogging days of Buddha and his spiritual compatriots. From the Four Noble Truths to the Ten Commandments, they shared how to live an enlightened life, and today's how-to resources flood social feeds and best-seller lists.


A few days ago, I spoke at Novartis, and shared that I don't think we need any more lists. Instead, we need to be better at turning our knowledge into action.


We already know that to live a long, healthy life, we should get a good night's sleep, hydrate, eat more plants, move our bodies, connect with nature and other humans, and practice mindfulness.


But it's not happening consistently. Something gets in our way.

And that something is often a someone and that someone is usually us. 

The challenge with most "How To..." lists, except those that speak to figuring out Zoom, changing a light bulb, or making sourdough as examples, is that they are focused too far downstream.


Ultimately, if we want things to change, we need to go upstream and shift the conversation with ourselves - this is where knowledge pivots into action. Instead of being hard on ourselves, we need to find a way to be kind and compassionate - which is a cornerstone message of those early bloggers.


During our Great Kerfuffle and my cross-country ride preparations, I've been on a mission to discover more about us and how we work. I've jumped into topics like trauma healing, the microbiome, and the interconnectedness of our mind, body, heart, and soul. I've only scratched the surface and can't wait to learn more.


But after each book, video, or podcast that I take in, I keep coming back to, How are we talking to ourselves? Because once we change that, then everything else changes.


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