from crisis to chrysalis

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from crisis to chrysalis

Reflect on the days of being a teenager when life seemed simpler. No complex relationships, a flawless complexion, a clear sense of direction, and earning that sweet minimum wage. Ideal, wasn't it?

Yeah, not so much, right? Well, we navigated the yo-yo known as our hormonal teen years, advanced into our 20s and 30s, and now, here we are in the fascinating stage of – wait for it – middle age. And guess what? We're still getting pimples. Well, maybe it's just me. :) 

Middle age mirrors our teenage years in many ways. Beyond the stereotypical red Porsche, torrid affairs, and cosmetic tweaks to hide our wabi-sabi, it's a time of profound change. We're juggling aging parents, kids heading off to college or starting their own lives, the nuances of our careers, and, for many, the joys of hot flashes and more frequent 'nocturnal bio-breaks.' No wonder happiness seems to dip from our twenties until we hit 50.

But here's the hopeful (my 2024 word) part – happiness tends to rebound post-50. Plus, there's plenty we can do in the earlier stages of midlife (ages 35 to 75) to maintain and even boost our joy, prepping us for life's second act.

Chip Conley: The Guest House, Expensive Six-Packs, and Learning to Love Midlife

This week, I enjoyed sitting down with Chip Conley on The Kintsugi Podcast. Our conversation spanned various topics, including connection, Chip's courageous battle with cancer, his Modern Elder Academy, and insights from his new book, "Learning to Love Midlife."

And guess what? Practices like meditation and gratitude are essential ingredients to lead to wisdom and a fulfilling life - any any stage. 

Chip is a kindred spirit, a genuinely like-hearted human being with an impressive LinkedIn profile with all the things. But beyond his accolades, it's his authenticity and perspective-shifting insights on midlife that resonate deeply. He's here to tell us that midlife doesn't have to be a crisis; instead, it can be a transformative 'chrysalis.'

You might not be in your midlife dance just yet, but we all know someone who is. It's a phase that can be both awkward and cringe-worthy at times. Yet, sliding into midlife can open up a new, brighter horizon. Not to mention the perks like joining AARP – something I never imagined valuing at twenty-five, but hey, we all evolve!

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