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be unstoppable/create the change you deserve

Breathe in...Breathe out...

When I first met this week's The Kintsugi Podcast guest, I wondered how legit her grit and resilience marketing messages were. Life looked easy, and she appeared to have it all: smarts, looks, family, health, a vibrant career, and a polished aesthetic. 

We, humans, have a way of judging each other's "tip of the iceberg" and don't take the time to dive deeper and discover what's below the surface. 

I'm grateful for Danielle's willingness to dive deep during our conversation. She was vulnerable and courageous as she shared the experiences that made her the person she is today: Gritty, Resilient, Unstoppable, and a member of our like-hearted community. Plus, she shared one thought-provoking exercise that you may wish to try. 

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Wake Up. 

Grab your phone.

Check email, social, etc.

Get the kids up and ready 

Get some exercise in or at least coffee.

First Zoom/Teams/IRL Meeting is at 8 am. 

Grind through more meetings.

Another cup of coffee.

Wolf down something quick while checking email.

More meetings.

Get a few things done, but it feels like juggling.

More meetings, more emails.

Try to catch your breath, but wait, the boss needs you.

Last meeting ends around 5ish.

Go home or leave your home office.

What's for dinner? 

Talk with your partner/wife/husband, but it's transactional.

Get the kids to bed

Time to do all the things that you couldn't get done earlier in the day. 

Crawl into bed.


Rinse and repeat the "6 to 9 grind" tomorrow.


You hear that it doesn't have to be this way. 


But it doesn't feel possible, so you keep going. 


You generally like your job and your company. 

You like getting things done. 

You appreciate the lifestyle your job provides. 

You don't want to "start all over" somewhere new. 


It's too risky, so you keep going.


But you wonder...


Why does it have to be so hard?

Why do we tolerate all the office politics?

Why can't we build a more inclusive culture? 

Why does everything seem to take so long? 


You're not asking for much...


You just want some space to think, breathe, and be. 

You just want to get your job done with a little less stress.

You just want to be heard, seen and appreciated. 

You just want to know that you have a future. 


There's a better way. 


I know. I've been there. 

Today, I help others, and teams do it all the time. 


And it doesn't take a radical shift. 

You deserve more support. 

The good news is that you have options. 


There's a better way. 


Send me a message, and let's talk. 


I know how terribly short life can be. So, don't wait to create the change you deserve.