A moment to pause

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A moment to pause

Yesterday, via our mindfulness texts, I asked people to share what qualities they wanted to bring into September. Here's what they shared: 

Peace, letting things go, collaboration, gratitude, hope, self-love, confidence, joy, kindness, patience, grace, discipline, thoughtfulness, better listening, belonging, caring, steadiness, and empathy. 

What beautiful ripples! 

What do you wish to bring into September? 

I'm a huge fan of September, and it's not only because it's the birthday month for my wife and me. It's a chance to welcome Autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere, kids return to school, pumpkin spice comes back, and it's a beautiful time to create some small ripples that can gain momentum and help us finish the year with a sense of accomplishment and grace. 

During my corporate days, I would send my team a voicemail (do people still do this?) before every holiday weekend. I would express gratitude for their impact and invite them to take a moment to check in with themselves.  

I plan to use Monday to do this myself, and here are six questions I will consider: 

  • Do my values and how I'm honoring them need adjustment? 
  • What is something I need to let go of? 
  • What's a skill that I want to strengthen?
  • Am I nurturing my relationships in a way I desire? 
  • What is the state of my financial wellness? 
  • How can I continue to care for my mental and physical health? 

I hope you'll take some time to do something similar this weekend as we begin a new month filled with possibilities. 

And one of them is on Monday. Join us for a live Intention Setting practice on Monday at 7:30 a.m. Eastern. It will be a beautiful way to welcome a new day, week, and month and prepare to ripple something worth rippling.