a moment to pause

a moment to pause

One of the first principle practices of our community is Loving-Kindness (metta). It's grounded in generosity, one of the nine attributes of mindfulness, as is gratitude which I touched on last week. 

We can be generous with ourselves and others, and acting generously to all creatures' well-being recognizes our interconnectedness. Amazing things happen when we are generous with our attention, listen to understand, offer wisdom, and work in a way that ripples kindness into the world. 

At its core, it promotes a growth mindset and cultivates connection and belonging by linking the giver and receiver, which many are thirsty for today. 

I see our community as a salve for what pains humanity today. It's a brave space of like-hearted humans looking to be better humans to other humans, and I appreciate the generous energy you bring into our circle. 

I recently received this text from someone in our community. 

"You have been so very kind to me. I feel it as personal. Not in a creepy way. Just...honest and genuine. It's so unexpected. Welcomed. Needed. Appreciated. Thank you."

It's personal because this moment is too crucial for it not to be. Within our communities and corporations, we have allowed things to become transactional and isolating, but through our practice, we can choose a path of generosity and connection. 

Until next week, keep rippling something worth rippling. 



Ripples of Wisdom: 

Yesterday, I asked those who receive our mindfulness texts, if they could share one sentence with future generations, what would it be? 

Their responses were terrific - here they are: 

If it matters to you, then it matters, and that's all that matters. - Jennifer 

Your heart always knows the way. - Khadijih 

Be kind to and foster growth in one another. - Jacob

Become aware of an embrace your self worth early. - Connie

If you emanate loving-kindness into the world, it changes everything. Tolle via Chris

Listen with a n open heart, open mind, and open will. - Michelle

Use moisturizer and sunscreen on your face. - Andrea

Be present in all your being. - Kongit

Remember acceptance and allow everything to be. - Alicia

Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. - Brandis

Be Kind - Becky

Amazing takes time. - Shannon

Never give up and follow your heart - Shawna

Talk Less, smile more - Marta

The sky's the limit - Jose

Learn to love and like yourself - Vivian

Remember to ripple kindness - Tammy

Never be afraid of losing, nothing belongs to you anyway - Jalisa

Live your lie true to yourself and your values, not the life others expect of you - Bobby

Be curious and ask questions - Daneen

There is a beauty all around us, sometimes we just have to look a little harder - Stephanie

If you can be anything in the world: choose kindness - Terry

You were created for this moment in time so walk in faith and the understanding that it is not your job to judge others but rather to encourage them in love to the greatest extent of your abilities and gifts - Laurie

Take care of the earth so that it can take care of us - DawnLess stuff, more connection, aww and learning experience and stay organized - Kathleen

Love God, love others, learn something everyday, spread kindness and you'll change lives including your own - Kimberly

Every day is every way you are getting better and better - Lorrie

If it were easy they would send the dog with a note - Al

Nothing is free, you have to work for it. - Brian

In a world where you can be anything be kind - JaTorra

Be kind to each other and enjoy your time on this earth - JJJ

FAIL often and completely! Faithful Attempts In Learning - Tom

We make plans and God laughs - Mindy

Try to leave everything better than the way you found it - Samuel

Don't take one day for granted - Juyd

Honor your creative spirit - Donn

Life's a beautiful sport, so train like a champ for a winning performance and make yourself proud - Schuyler

Moderation and curiosity are just some of the secrets to a happy and fulfilling life - Stephanie

You are enough! Eleanor

Climate change is real, take care of the earth and take care of yourself - Lynne

Be kind, appreciate and have fun - Michael 

You will never regret being kind - Faith

Hang in there and keep the faith - My Dad

Honesty without kindness is cruelty - Alison

Trust God - Sheryl

Love is home, Home is love - Rozit

Be safe protect your heart and your mind and body - Rochelle

Life goes fast - savor every day - Denise

Don't ignore things that need to be fixed - Kim

Please do better than we did - Chrissy

Embrace change and be kind - CC

Don't sweat the small stuff - Donna

Take time to be in the moment with simple things - Lisa

One day at a time - Gail

Don't rush - Carla

Don't wait for an invitation to your life - Judith

Anything.Is.Possible - Anne

There is hope - Marketta

Always give the hand of love - Marcia

Belief is a seed you plant within yourself - Deborah

Stop war and pollution  - Jill

Do you know that thing that you always wanted to do? Just do it. -Sharon

Free Ripples (Giveaway)

Earlier this month, celebrating My Last Bad Day, I gave away free app memberships and our Ripple Love and Ripple Kindness t-shirts. Some missed this opportunity, so I'm opening it back up this weekend through Monday evening, and you can ripple this to anyone you wish. 

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Asking for a Ripple:

Over the last week, I've received many emails/texts from our community saying how much they appreciate our app and the Pause Breathe Reflect text messages and social media connect. I'm grateful for each message that comes in. 
I'm not really into social media algorithms. I don't get them, but they're part of our reality. They favor messages that are rated, liked, commented on, and shared. If you appreciate the ripple we are trying to make in the world, I would appreciate your help giving our ripple more energy on social media, in your communities, and where you work. When we ripple together, we can put more kindness, peace, and generosity into the world. 

This Week's Poem: 

It is a paradox that we encounter so much internal noise
when we first try to sit in silence.
It is a paradox that experiencing pain releases pain.

It is a paradox that keeping still can lead us
so fully into life and being.

Our minds do not like paradoxes.  We want things
To be clear, so we can maintain our illusions of safety.
Certainty breeds tremendous smugness.

We each possess a deeper level of being, however,
which loves paradox.  It knows that summer is already
Growing like a seed in the depth of winter. It knows
that the moment we are born, we begin to die. It knows
that all of life shimmers, in shades of becoming–
that shadow and light are always together,
the visible mingled with the invisible.

When we sit in stillness we are profoundly active.
Keeping silent, we hear the roar of existence.
Through our willingness to be the one we are,
We become one with everything.

Gunilla Norris, Paradox of Noise