a moment to pause

a moment to pause

If you're unfamiliar with Costco, it's a huge warehouse store that sells everything under the sun in massive quantities. It may not be the first place you associate with gratitude, but I practiced it today even though I went there hungry on a Saturday with what felt like everyone else in New Jersey. 

As I went in, I might say it felt like a zoo, but that wouldn't be fair to zoos. The place was chaos. It was jam-packed with people mindlessly throwing uber-sized boxes into their carts and battling each other for the free samples. I began to wonder if this is where humanity goes to die. 

I could sense a "this was a mistake" sensation bubbling up as I looked for what seemed like a lifetime supply of doggie wee wee pads. As I waited out a shopping cart traffic jam, a guy noticed my Pause Breathe Reflect t-shirt. He pointed at me, took a deep breath, and said, "That's some good advice." We both laughed. 

Gratitude is one of the nine attributes of mindfulness, and it's been a complete game-changer for me. We are hardwired to look out for danger, but gratitude can provide harmony by helping us see what we still have and can do. We can even be grateful for our muddy moments, which often lead to growth. 

I opened our app and practiced gratitude as I waited to check out. It allowed me to appreciate how my wife usually does this (I'm so grateful for her) and the first-world nature of my stress. And even though it was taking longer than I thought, buying ten tubes of toothpaste at once probably saves time, money, and energy in the long run. 

As I was leaving the store, I looked around and noticed a bunch of people who looked drained. It's understandable - it's not an easy place. It can be exhausting dealing with crowds, running errands, and battling traffic, but gratitude might help you experience them differently. 

Our app has over 150 meditations related to gratitude to help you appreciate all that life throws our way, including a jumbo-size can of Pringles. 

Here's a one-minute practice you can listen to at the end of the day. That's when I do my formal practice and it helps me end the day on a high note. 

Until next week, keep rippling something worth rippling. 



Mindful Eating Thursdays

Life today is filled with things grabbing our attention. That's why our meals have become eat-in-the-car, on-the-run, at-your-desk quick and mindless events for many people. Not surprisingly, this can lead to overeating because it takes your brain about twenty minutes to realize your stomach is satiated.

Mindful eating encourages you to focus on slow eating and making your meals an intentional act rather than a reflex.

Starting on Thursday, our live meditation will include mindful eating. So bring your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, or simply something to drink and discover the benefits of mindful eating. 

Please join us and create a ripple that nourishes your vitality. 

T-Shirt Giveaway

As part of my Last Bad Day celebration this week, I was giving away 222 Ripple Love and Ripple Kindness t-shirts. We still have a few more to give away. So, if you missed the opportunity earlier this week, there's still time.

Our gear is environmentally friendly, super-soft, and creates a wonderful ripple. You can use this link, and if you wish to share it with your friends, ripple away. 


This Week's Poem

My notebook has remained blank for months

thanks to the light you shower

around me. I have no use

for my pen, which lies

languorously without grief.


Nothing is better than to live

a storyless life that needs

no writing for meaning—

when I am gone, let others say

they lost a happy man,

though no one can tell how happy I was.

Missed Time by Ha Jin