A moment to pause

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A moment to pause

On Sunday, I left for my bike ride across New York State, but three days in, the air quality deteriorated due to the Canadian wildfires. I decided that the best way to honor my health was to stop in Syracuse. One of the highlights was cycling through Chittenango. It's the birthplace of L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz. In town, there's a long section of yellow brick sidewalk.
Dorothy's story is timeless and relatable. She traveled far and faced obstacles like flying monkeys to discover that she only needed to experience certain moments to figure out she had the wisdom and strength to find her way back home. 
She didn't need a wizard. She just had to trust that she could work through her challenges. 
We're all like Dorothy. Sometimes we get lost during challenging moments, but when we return to our breath, we can discover that we have everything we need to find our way home and walk any colored path we desire. 
Happy Canada Day today and an early Happy July 4th. If you live in Canada and The U.S., I'll encourage you to sign up for our text messages that come a few times a week. They'll help you bring mindfulness to your everyday moments, and often will be the message you most need to hear that day.
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Until next week, keep rippling something worth rippling.


New Meditations

This week there will be new one-minute meditations on your app that you've requested to help you decompress during your commute, be kind to yourself, worry less, and as you wait for an Uber, to name a few.

Please let me know if you have a meditation request, and I'll record it for you.

This Week's Live Practices

12 pm Eastern Monday through Friday except for 8 am Eastern on Tuesday, July 4th. Please join us if you haven't been before - it will be the best Zoom of your week. 

This Week's Poem

What's gone has made you what you are
So don't fear what's ahead
Put trust in what will be, will be
And choose to live instead
Don't live in the now worrying
What may or may not be
Take this moment in your time
And live it totally
There's no time like the present
Breathe deep and feel alive
Living in the here and now
Will help you rise and thrive
Now is all there ever is
It's the only time that's real
Let the future take its course
And leave the past to heal.

Living in the Now by Vanessa Hughes