#66 and #65 - Mindful Moments - pamplemouse

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#66 and #65 - Mindful Moments - pamplemouse

We are a family of travelers, although that wasn't always the case for me. Yes, we took family vacays to Disney, New England, and Amish Country and had a few trips to Toronto, but I didn't have a passport when we married. For the record, my wife added pages to hers.
Going away is about discovery and adventure, but as much fun as it is to travel, I love coming home. 

During my abbreviated ride across New York State, I had to pack light, so I left most of my toiletries at home. Actually, this is typically the case as I tend to mooch off of what my wife packs for our vacations.

This all means that I depended on the shampoo and body wash of the finest budget hotels along the way, but none had my pamplemousse. I don't speak French, but I love how how this word feels when you say it - which is #65 (how certain words feel when you say them).

Back to #66, it's the smell of grapefruit when I jump into the shower. After we've been away, it's a smell that lets me know I'm home. 

How about you? What lets you know that you're home?



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