#63 Everyday Mindful Moment - The Moon

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#63 Everyday Mindful Moment - The Moon

#63 - The Moon

Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut, although I wasn't into Star Trek. I just wanted to go to the Moon like Neil Armstrong, wear my little red sweatshirt covered in NASA patches, and go to the planetarium. When I looked up at the sky, all my worries seemed so much smaller at night.

This week you might have seen the latest supermoon. It might have felt like you could have grabbed it and pulled it toward you. It was stunning, and the next one is on August 1st.

As you know, I didn't become an astronaut, but I still love looking into the night sky. I like knowing we all see the same Moon. It makes the world seem smaller. And when it's cloudy, I know the Moon and stars are still shining. It's a reminder on days when I wrestle with a clouded mind that what shines within me is still there.




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