#61 - right before you get scammed

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#61 - right before you get scammed

I quit Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook a couple of months ago because I'm not a fan of who's steering the scroll at those places. And yes, I know that FB owns Instagram, and I'm playing with their new platform, Thread - my inconsistency is all part of my dance. :)

Well, last week, I reunited with Facebook because someone recommended Marketplace to sell some cycling gear - as you can imagine, I have a few wheels lying around.

I sold my first item on Wednesday and posted a few more things this morning to keep the momentum going. Within minutes, I received an inquiry and began to see Zuckerberg in a different light - this was amazing.

And then....

The message I got from my potential "buyer" seemed a little odd, but she was eager. I priced things to move, and she was sending her husband over immediately, but he didn't have cash. That was a bit funny odd not haha, but she asked if I had Zelle - which I do.

I was excited because I thought this would be easy-peasy, but then I got a weird email from Zelle that looked legit but lacked the banky corporate vibe.

So, I called the number, and became more concerned. Meanwhile, back on FB, the "buyer" said she had to send me extra money because I didn't have Zelle set up correctly (which I didn't really know if that was the case because I don't use it much). She proposed sending me extra money to get this straight if I promised to return the difference immediately.

That's when I slowed my roll and called my bank. I explained the situation, and the answer I got back was clear:

"Oh, they're trying to scam you."

Slow isn't just fast; it's also safer. This is why it's important to bring mindfulness to our everyday moments.

Now, I just have to find someone else who will buy those shoes.




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