#60 - when you feel relief

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#60 - when you feel relief

We've made it #60. 

I started this series to bring attention to all those moments between our moments. They're the ones we rush through as we strive toward our big "I'm sharing this on social" moments. 

There's a tenderness in these smaller moments; they're the genesis of success and happiness. They're invitations to practice gratitude, feel, and notice, as Mary Oliver wrote, our "one wild and precious life."  

They're the spirit line in our unique Navajo weaving. These moments make up our lives; that's why it's so essential to notice them. They evoke emotions from joy to sadness and help us expand our emotional range.

I hope you've liked the series and encourage you to "behold the ordinary" moments of your life, as my friend Bobby would say. They're the juice that will help you create more awesome-sauce moments. 

Here's #60 - when you feel relief

The whole country - scratch that - the planet is covered in heat and humidity, making my bike rides a little soupy. 

But that moment, when I roll down the driveway, come inside, and feel the air conditioning kiss my face. Oh, that moment. It doesn't last long because the body adjusts quickly, but it's worth savoring that feeling of relief so we don't take it for granted.




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