#51 - The Car Wave

#51 - The Car Wave

I was driving across the county this morning and had some extra time. Feeling generous, I was liberally waving in folks who needed to merge into traffic, but I didn't get many waves back. 

I've noticed this trend for a couple of years. To me, the car wave is essential. It's the thank you when someone holds the door open for you. After a few non-waves, I started to pay attention to who I invited to merge, why, and what bubbled up when I got a wave or not. 

When I got a wave back, I felt appreciated, but when I didn't, I had reactions that ranged from meh to scolding them for not waving. It was a perspective-shifting type of drive that I'm still processing. Still, wave or not, it felt good to let people in, but I wonder if the people behind me thought the same way. 

Here's a one-minute listen when you're stuck in traffic. Think of it as a pleasant wave back at ya because only a few of us enjoy being in traffic. 



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