#50 - stillness in the morning

#50 - stillness in the morning

#50 - stillness in the morning

Today's daylight snuck through my bedroom window and nudged me awake. I didn't move to keep our three dogs accelerating faster than a Ferrari and enjoyed the stillness. The only sounds were our ceiling fan and my breath. It was a moment to appreciate that I got another at-bat and think about how I wanted to show up for it before the hamster wheel gained momentum. These moments don't happen frequently because our dogs are keenly attuned to any movement after 5 am. Today was a gift, as every day, but this one started gracefully. 

G: Gratitude

R: Reframe

A: Awareness

C: Community

E: Energy

We are halfway to 100. Let me know which of the first 50 have resonated with you. 



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