#48 - when something hijacks you

#48 - when something hijacks you

#48 - when something hijacks you.
Yesterday I took a late afternoon bike and was buzzed by a group of teenage boys in a Jeep. They gave me less than six inches when they passed, yelled something at me, and threw their Wendy's bag out the window. They didn't even offer me a sip of their Frosty and certainly weren't keepin' it classy. 

It triggered me, which is natural. I could feel the emotions bubbling within as I approached their SUV waiting at the traffic light - ah, they weren't counting on that red light. As I rolled up, they rolled up their windows. 

I didn't say anything; I just stared them down. You could feel the tension, and they started yelling at me or each other, and when the light turned, they peeled away but hit another red light (it's a very slow intersection). I could have rolled up to them again, but I decided to pull into a quiet side street to settle my nerves. 

This mindful moment isn't all warm and fuzzy. It's a cold and prickly one but real. I thought about not sharing this experience, but these are moments, yes, the circumstances are different for everyone, that shape our lives.

Things happen, and if we care about something, it's our nature to get hijacked - even executive coaches and meditation teachers. These are the moments that call for mindfulness the most. Hey, humans are awesome, but we don't make the most awesome decisions when we're teenagers or triggered. 

There will always be people who trigger us. It's good to know why they do - hint, it usually ties back to our values or sense of identity. These are moments to breathe slowly, invite better options to appear, and accept that all the hijacked juice you feel needs time to leave the body. 

Here's a short listen to help you squeeze that juice from your body. 



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