#46 and #45 things you side on the side of the road

#46 and #45 things you side on the side of the road

Over the weekend, I took a casual ride to celebrate the end of le Tour de France. Given my slower pace, I saw two things that made me smile. 

According to Strava, I have cycled this one road almost 800 times since 2017. On the surface, it seems like nothing has changed. You first pass the post office, and then across the street, it's the house with Ireland's Flag, then it's the house with the antique Citroën, then the deli, and so forth and so on. 

But just as I got to the top of a slight bump, I looked to the right and saw these balanced rock sculptures. At first, I rode past the, but then, almost in a "shakin' my head in a 180" cartoon style, I wondered what I saw. I circled back and took them in. 

They were so peaceful - very Zen. As I gazed away, five or six cars sped past. I don't know how long they've been there, but I'm glad I was traveling slower to notice them. 

Looking closely, I noticed #45 and a few blades of grass growing through the bricks—a simple act of defiance or an unquenchable thirst to succeed. 

There are examples like this all around us. Despite the odds or other people's opinions, folks are growing and putting beautiful ripples into the world. We'll see them when we slow down and notice. 

And here's the crazy part, after writing this, Senator Cory Booker popped into my IG feed with this video. It's freaky in an awesome sauce way.