#43 - remembering things that have helped you heal

#43 - remembering things that have helped you heal

I've been on a Facebook Marketplace selling spree over the last two weeks. Yesterday, I snooped around my bike cave for other things to list and found these four screws. 

In some self-help spaces on the internet, it's common to see posts that claim that "You're not broken." But here's the thing, we break physically and emotionally. It's part of the ride and doesn't make us less than. 

I've experienced too many breaks to count, and these four screws held my tibia together until they started loosening - yes, I had a few loose screws in me from time to time. :) 

I still have plenty of hardware within me. Hey, it has its perks. I know many TSA agents better than the average bear. All screws, rods, nails, and talk therapy have helped me come back together like Kintsugi—the scars you see and those you can't see are golden symbols of resilience. 

We break. It's part of life, but when we need fixing, it doesn't mean we aren't worthy of being seen, heard, and loved. When we hurt, we need healing, which looks different for each of us. 

Remember, when we heal, we come together more beautifully. If you would like to hear the meditation on Kintsugi, please let me know. 


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For those who love numbers, 43 is a prime - very cool, and combining it with 7 (4+3) represents seeing what needs to change, putting it into words, and helping make a massive paradigm shift. You can change the world by helping to see things from new angles. 

It sounds like 43 is totally into mindfulness and a fan of Richard Petty.