#40 - dancing in the rain

#40 - dancing in the rain

Yesterday, my wife and I took our dogs for our routine evening walk. It's a quality time moment that allows us to share about our days, get a few steps in, and hang with our dogs. 

About halfway through our walk, the sky opened up with an impressive summer thunderstorm. You could see steam rising from the hot asphalt as our soaked clothes began to cling to our bodies. It was awesome. 

Our older dogs didn't mind a bit, and our puppy bounced from puddle to puddle as she tried to catch the raindrops before they hit the ground. It was beyond adorable. 

Since we've done this walk countless times, each walk can easily blend into the next one, but this one will be memorable. Often, the moments when things aren't "ideal" are the ones we remember the best when we embrace what's happening versus trying to push, deny, or ignore them away. 

When it rains, you can upset, grab an umbrella, get inside, or have fun dancing in the puddles. Sometimes life is about how you show up when it's raining. 

Here's a short listen that you can do with your fur baby once you come in from the rain. 



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For those who love numbers, 40 resonates with dignity and a sense of worthiness.