#39 to #37: 100 Mindful Moments

#39 to #37: 100 Mindful Moments

#37 - doing the dishes

One of my first jobs was working at the ice cream parlor/restaurant Friendly's. I made $3.50/hour and got to wear the finest polyester uniform. They had me doing everything: working the grill, scooping ice cream with the requisite Friendly Flair (yes, that's a real thing), and washing the dishes.

Long before I knew about mindfulness, doing the dishes, even in a busy restaurant was a peaceful moment and, in many ways, a metaphor for life. 

Things get messy, but through mindfulness, you can get things clean, but it's wise to slow down so you can notice sharp objects, and sometimes, when we try to change too quickly, like scooping ice cream into a hot "just out of the dishwasher" glass bowl, things can crack.

Today, doing the dishes is still a mindful moment. Although there are times when they feel like a chore. 

Again, like life, it becomes an exercise in gratitude when I remember to slow down, enjoy the moment, and realize that we have dirty dishes because we are fortunate to have something to eat. 

#38 - when the kids come back home

My oldest came out of NYC with a friend to spend the weekend in the "country," which is really the suburbs, thus proving everything is relative.

There was a moment during the hustle and bustle of the morning when she was snuggled into the couch reading her latest book sandwich between two of our dogs. The picture brought me back to when she was younger. 

We're enjoying our almost empty nest, but it's also wonderful when more humans fill our house. The energy brings back positive memories as we continue to create new ones.

You might know that practicing loving-kindness for one month has shown to help us remember positive memories, as well. It's a meditation that is a beautiful way to start a meaningful mindfulness practice and you can find many on our app or join us live every Friday. 


#39 - first moments in the shower

Saturday around here was the last day in a string of hot, hazy, and humid days before a storm came through and took the edge off. This means my bike ride Saturday was salty, but there's something about the first moments in the shower after a challenging workout, yard work, or just being out in the heat.

The water flows over your head, and you notice the sweat washing away. Some may fall into your eyes or you can taste the salt on your lips as it rinses away. It's so refreshing like the first couple of sips of ice-cold lemonade.