#36 - homemade bread

#36 - homemade bread

#36 - homemade bread

My wife makes the best bread. Ain't no bread machines in our house - she's the machine. That said, if you have a bread machine - no judgment. If you're gluten-free, I'm sorry this mindful moment won't resonate with you in the same way it does for me. 

When you think about it, we experience every moment of our lives through our senses, and when she's making bread, life is perfect from the moment you smell the yeast to when the bread's aroma escapes the oven. It's seeing the steam release as you cut your first slice and watch the butter slowly disappear into the bread. Then you experience its warmth with your first taste. 

Too often, we mindlessly eat on the run, at our desks, or in front of a device. We spend so much on food, but do we thoroughly enjoy it? I can't imagine our gut is happy when we eat this way. 

I'm far from a perfect mindful eater. I've scarfed down my share of burritos while driving, but I try to make this the exception, not the rule - especially when something is homemade and seasoned with love. 

Here's a short listen about bread, and here's one of my favorite bread recipes. Oh, and please join me on Thursday for a mindful eating practice. I'll bring the bread. 



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